Advanced Energy® has launched updated Thyro-S H3/H RLP3 and Thyro-A H3/H RL3/H RLP3 series and will discontinue all respective H...1 versions.

In a continuing effort to provide products and features that meet market needs, Advanced Energy® debuted the updated Thyro-S® and Thyro-A® SCR power controller series at SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg. These new series have been available since Q1 2017 and have the model suffixes H3, H RL3 or H RLP3. They will replace Thyro-S and Thyro-A models ending in H1, H RL1 and H RLP1.

The updated models offer expanded capabilities and additional features, such as:

  • USB interface
  • LED status and level indication
  • Integrated protection against contact
  • Availability as 2- and 3-phase units (Thyro-S)

For easy transition to the Thyro-S H3/H RLP3 and Thyro-A H3/H RL3/HRLP3 series, these new models offer:

  • The same dimensions as the existing product series
  • The ability to accept the existing Thyro-S and Thyro-A parameter structure and bus communication protocols
  • Transition assistance from our support staff; call
    +1.970.221.0108, option 2 (International)
    +49 2902 / 910 370-10 (EMEA)


While supplies last, a last-time buy opportunity for the Thyro-S H RL1 and Thyro-A H RL1/H RLP1 models is available until December 31, 2017, with final shipments expected to occur by March 31, 2018.

If you would like to install Thyro-S H1/H RL1 and Thyro-A H1/H RL1/H RLP1 into existing systems, we recommend adding sufficient spare inventory. If applicable, please also inform your end customer about the Thyro-S H1/H RL1 and Thyro-A H1/H RL1/H RLP1 product discontinuation to allow sufficient time to order spare inventory.


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