CITEL - overvoltage protections

The French company CITEL with an 80-year history is a leading manufacturer in the field of surge protectors - CITEL sets the direction of their further technical development in the world.

CITEL developed and brought to the world 10 years ago surge protectors based on VG technology, the principle of which is a series combination of a special gas-filled spark gap and varistor. Here, in normal operation, the gas-filled spark gap provides galvanic isolation, so that no permeable current flows through the varistor (MOV-metal oxide varistor) and, when an overvoltage occurs, the varistor ensures that the gas-filled spark gap (CSG) does not switch to near short- circuit values. so that no subsequent current flows through the arrester. This significantly extends the life and reliability of surge protectors.

CITEL with its VG technology, in addition to standard applications in mains power supplies, has established itself in photovoltaic applications, where the requirement for galvanic isolation and reliability is very important.

CITEL is also the market leader in protections for developing outdoor LED lighting, where long and trouble-free lifetimes are expected.

CITEL technology "VG" is currently gaining ground in major emerging market chargers for electromobility.

Combined surge protectors CITEL (1 + 2 + 3, 2 + 3, 1 + 2) make it possible to save the total costs for surge protection and space in switchboards.